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Mastery of Business Affiar and management skills for Entrepreneurs and Managers.




核心大纲 Key Contents:


企业模式与架构 Business Model & Structure

企业改进设施与方案 Business Improvement & Solution

经理人基础会计 Accounting for Manager

管理策略 Management Strategy

人才管理 Talent Management


你将学习到 What You Will Learn:

- 分析业务管理环境,采用创新方法开展业务管理。

To analyse the business management environment and adopt innovative approaches to the development of business management.


- 了解业务管理问题,选择并应用适当的方法并为这些问题设计解决方案。

To understand business management problems, select and apply appropriate methodologies and devise solutions to these problems.


- 培养解决问题的能力,提高他们的沟通和有效运作能力。

To develop problem-solving skills, improve their ability to communicate and operate effectively.


商业管理 SMARTBoss in Business & Management (5Day)

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